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REET Level 1 English Subject Model Paper - 4

Q 21. The desired goal in audio lingual method is –
1.     Linguistic competence
2.     Communicative competence
3.     Both linguistic and communicative competence  
4.     Paralinguist competence

Q 22. Which of the following drill is not used in developing speaking skill ?
1.     Substilution drill
2.     Repetition drill
3.     Question drill  
4.     Chanin drill

Q 23. Which of these is not a type of flesh cards ?
1.     Pictures flash cards
2.     Word flash cards
3.     Structure flash cards  
4.     None of these

Q 24. School records have evidences about students –
1.     Social relationship among peers.
2.     Attainments, progress cards, anecdotal records etc.  
3.     Heath habits, work habits, study habits etc
4.     All of these

Q 25. Give the passive of the following “we will always obey you“
1.     You would be obeyed always
2.     You will be always by them
3.     You will always be obyed  
4.     You will always be obyed by the

Q 26. Which one of the following words is an adjective ?
1.     Use
2.     Useful  
3.     Using
4.     Usefulness

Q 27. Choose the correct pronoun to complete the following. This book is -------, and that one is mine.
1.     Our book
2.     Your
3.     Your’s  
4.     Your’s book

Q 28. The total number of consonants in English is –
1.     12
2.     24  
3.     20
4.     16

Q 29. A good language proficiency test ?
1.     Is entirely made up of only one type of questions
2.     Focuses on easy type questions alone
3.     Is completely based on objective type questions
4.     Is a combination of objective type, short answer type and essay type questions  

Q 30. A Remedial teaching syllabus should be based on
1.     The teacher’s impression of language difficulties
2.     Students iuterest in learning a language
3.     An analysis of errors made by learners  
4.     An analysis of the future needs of the learners.

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